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Tiled Roofs

Tile roofing is a very cost effective roofing material and is generally one of the strongest roofing types available. Tile roofs do not require cleaning and if your roof does sustain damage it’s very easy to repair by replacing only the damaged tiles. These tiles can be used on any building, design and style of roof. Tiled roofs create a insulating layer of “dead air” between the tile and the roof. This dead air makes tile roofs one of the most insulating of all roofing materials.

If you are looking for quality tiled roofs, repairs or services in Cardiff, South Wales, call our friendly team today on 07921 889 019 for a FREE no-obligation quote.

iled roofing is visible on homes across the world, thanks to its combination of aesthetic quality and simple installation. Here at O'Donoghue Roofing we can carry out a variety of work on tiled roofs from repairs to brand new installations, with our highly skilled, fully qualified roofers using their knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible service.

We have provided our services to customers in both the commercial and private sectors; for homes, schools and business premises, using our own

directly-employed roofers rather than sub-contractors. We pride ourselves on perfect service from start to finish, regardless of the size and nature of the job; if you notice a fault or some damage with your roof you can contact us for a totally free assessment, whereby we will detail exactly what work needs doing and exactly how much it will cost.

If you need professional help for your tiled roof, get in touch with O'Donoghue Roofing today. We are one of the leading roofing contractors in the Cardiff area, so contact us today to see what we can do for you