How to Prepare yourself for Residential Roof Installations

Roofer Preparing for New Roof  Installation

Roofer Preparing for a New Roof Installation

Prepare yourself for Residential Roof Installations

The day has finally come… the day of your new roof installation. What can you do to prepare yourself and what should you know about the roof installation process? You have selected your roofing material, chosen a color, and reviewed the scope of work to be performed.

The process of installing a new roof creates a construction site at your home. There are several steps that should be taken to ensure that you, your family and your pets are prepared for the new installation.

Please be aware that everything used to perform the work on your roof needs to be as close to the house as possible, which requires access to the driveways and or garden. All vehicles should be removed from the driveway and parked away from the structure. Also, anything around the perimeter of the property that would limit roof access should be moved if possible.

All children and pets should be kept indoors in a safe place or off the job site.

Materials will be coming off the roof and may be present in the lawn prior to clean up. We will ensure that ALL debris will be removed when the roofing install is complete. In preparation, you may wish to cover all valuables in the attic and garage, as dust and debris could enter those spaces. Remember to cut off power to all electrical sockets, lights or fans to prevent further electrical damage.

Noise from nail guns, nails, hammers, etc. are used throughout the process. You should expect associated noise, we would request you inform surrounding neighbors of the roof works before the install date. We try our best to keep disruption/noise levels to a minimum.

Satellite & Aerial Re-Alignment in Wales

Satellite & Aerial Re-Alignment in Wales

Satellite Dishes or Aerials that are mounted on your roof may need to be moved to allow proper installation, We have local contacts who can arrange this for you however they may charge for satellite re-alignment.

Contact Digital Wales Tec for Aerials & Satellites


Your job will receive a final inspection, and ensure that any remaining debris or materials have been removed from the property and that the roof installation is complete.

Should you have any questions throughout the job process, or are looking to get in contact with your own roofing enquiry feel free to contact us 07921 889 019 or fill out an quote request for more assistance.

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